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    DekGlo® Low Maintenance
    Reliable Lighting Solution

    DekGlo is a sustainable way to light up your
    outside space that comes with a 20 year warranty

Using DekGlo® discs, squares and strips is a great, sustainable way to ensure your safety in the dark by identifying steps, ramps, walk ways and trip hazards. They mark out your outdoor spaces with a warm ambient glow that gets stronger the further you are from other sources of light.



Why choose DekGlo® for the solution to your outdoor lighting?

Glow in the dark garden lights
Low Maintenance Garden Lights
Light Absorbing Garden Lighting
Garden lights no batteries
Sustainable Garden Lights
20 year warranty Garden Lighting


The DekGlo Disc has been developed to be recessed into your solid decking boards providing a long-lasting glow with no electrical cabling or batteries required. Available in green or blue glow colours…
The DekGlo Square has been designed to easily bring glow-in-the dark safety to stair risers, and decking edges. Easily glued with flexible weatherproof adhesive onto hollowcore decking boards with no…
DekGlo Strips bring subtle ambient glow-in-dark safety markers to hazardous areas such as steps and offer visible warnings on balcony and balustrade edging. Easily glued with flexible weatherproof…

Glow-in-the-dark ambient safety markers

Garden Decking Lights

DekGlo® is the new long-lasting glow-in-the-dark solution designed to improve safety and aesthetics for your outdoor living space. With no electrical cabling or batteries required, watch as your decking and garden landscape are transformed and come to life at night, adding a sophisticated touch to enhance the mood around your outdoor living areas.

A sustainable product, DekGlo® has been designed in three different versatile shapes that offer safety to steps and other hazardous outdoor areas, like balconies, balustrades and moorings. DekGlo®captures natural uV energy to create a warm fluorescent glow that will improve safety and usability whatever your outdoor application. All products come with a 20-year warranty.

DekGlo® will bring your garden area to life at night allowing more time outside to spend with your friends and family).